Why Should We Participate?

FOCUS: This can be a focused week of getting people recruited and involved in your organization.

BREADTH: Your Volunteer Opportunity will be part of a much larger citywide initiative.

COMPASSION: Your organization will be part of the bigger picture of compassion in our city.

RECOGNITION: Your efforts and volunteerism will be recognized by Compassionate Fort Worth, the Mayor and City Council Members.

LISTING: Your organization and your volunteer opportunity will be listed on the Compassionate Fort Worth Facebook Page. Also, any event pictures, stories, etc, will be listed on the Facebook Page.

MEDIA: Media attention will be given to the Mayor’s Week of Compassionate Service.

IMPACT: You will be helping to make Fort Worth a more compassionate city. A city who strives to live out the Golden Rule.

INSPIRATION: Your efforts will inspire more sustained action in our community and will become an example for other cities across our nation.

Use the hashtag #MayorsWeekOfService on all social media posts, pictures, etc. This will allow us to search and aggregate all that is happening across the area.

Post on the Compassionate Fort Worth Facebook Page as you desire!