A Group of Fort Worth Photographers – Photographs and Prints

Their activity is called, Photographs and Prints, and it will be held on Sunday, January 29, 2:00-5:00PM.
photographerA group of Fort Worth Photographers will be creatively giving back to the homeless community by taking professional photos for those in need, and giving them a print. This is an action designed to increase dignity, as well as give the individual the opportunity to use the photograph for professional purposes, give as a gift, or simply hold close.
It will be held near 5650 E. Lancaster, near the Presbyterian Night Shelter.
For more information, email Lola@Lavenderpathways.com or call 817-233-5754.
Thanks to organizer, Lola Hardisty for leadership in compassion.
#MayorsWeekOfService #29 #District8